Gastric Bypass

Obesity is more than an aesthetic problem. In Monterrey and Mexico, the problem of most important health issue of mortality and cause more diseases is obesity and overweight. Today more than half of the population suffers from obesity and even children suffer from overweight since its early years. All this by the lifestyle and poor diet. A solution not only to lose weight, but to improve your health is the gastric bypass. This surgery is quite normal, they are currently made in Monterrey too often.

Thanks to that performed by laparoscopy, the risk is minimum and the unbeatable advantages. A gastric bypass you benefits in many areas of your life, thanks to this surgery, you lose extra weight forever, guaranteeing you that not you recuperaras weight ever, another great advantages and improving your health will have is more important. Your health will be benefited since you can perform activities than before obesity did not allow it you. No longer have excuses to go to the Beach, use your bikini or swimsuit, use all those clothes that being overweight will not let you. Do the things you always wanted to do, such as exercises, play sports, dance, all thanks to a surgery with a low risk and huge profits. It comes with your doctor and questions about gastric bypass as option to improve your health, he will so recommend and now the only thing you will need is finding a doctor with sufficient experience to ensure your safety.