Iridology (also called iridodiagn sis or iris diagnosis) is a diagnostic of alternative medicine whose creators believe that the conformation, color and other characteristics of the iris can be examined for information on the patient’s health. Its practitioners relate their observations to iris graphics dividing it into areas that correspond to specific areas of the human body. The eye sees iridi logos as “windows” through which you can see the functional status and health of the patient. Seasoned iridologists graphics used to emphasize what systems and body parts are healthy and which are overactive, inflamed or sore. Professionals use this information to establish the patient’s susceptibility to certain diseases, to confirm former health problems, or to predict future health problems that may be brewing.As there is a treatment, practitioners of this technique are studying and practicing other specialties of alternative medicine such as naturopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture, etc. .. Or are doctors who apply conventional treatments based on the diagnosis iridologist.