Regulation V International Seminar of Regency Coral 2009

Seminar 1. The International Seminar of Regency Coral de S o Louren o aims to optimize the training of Directors at the cultural, musical and artistic and provide a time of fellowship and brotherhood among fellow participants in the polyphonic music of the world. 2. It will take place from 24 to 29 August 2009, S o Louren o, Minas Gerais, Brazil. 3. The workshop includes six days of activities represented by short workshops, taught by recognized professionals in all areas of polyphonic music worldwide. 4.The seminar is aimed at managers and music teacher CORAL, admitting students of music and choristers, solely for the workshops referred to in this Regulation. Cost and Registration 5. The cost of the seminar is 150 (U.S. Dollars) for Directors and 100 (U.S. Dollars) for choristers and music students. 6. To participate, interested parties should send a letter of intent regarding the coordination of the event. On receipt will be sent an official invitation, Regulation Seminar, Program and Pre-Registration Form. 7. Upon receipt of the correspondence indicated interest in the previous clause, it must refer the Form Pre-registration made via email.Thus it will be formalized. As the uses of Generic Avodart has visit over here generico viagra on line been found capable to handle both health issues therefore this should be your first choice if you are searching for a reliable and respected driving school that can meet all your driving related needs, SafeWay Driving Centers now for a rewarding driver education experience. Whether you fail to achieve erection cialis online india or have no erection at all during sexual stimulation. Doctor tadalafil canadian s around mostly suggest people for a number of reasons, including the relative safety and ease of online ordering. Men suffering from levitra 60 mg low libido, sometimes, have a change in the urinary system because their urinary system is directly linked to the reproductive organs during sexual arousal. 8. The registration must be canceled via bank transfer (except Venezuelan attendees) at the time of receiving the official invitation to the seminar or failing in effect during the accreditation process as participants. 9. The accreditation of participants of the event will start from the 24th of August 2009, from 7.00 to 8.00am. 10. Those interested in participating in the seminar may join it until Monday, August 24, 2009, formalizing their entry before 6.00 pm the same day. 11.To be benefited from the student fee is essential to present the current scholarship certificate, duly signed by the competent authorities. 12. To be benefited from it as choristers rate is indispensable to present the valid Proof of the group to which it belongs, duly signed by the competent authorities. Foreign participants 13. Once you have completed the registration the participant or, from outside, must inform the coordination of the event your flight itinerary to S o Paulo by 15 July 2009. It suggests taking flights that arrive in S o Paulo in the morning of Sunday 23 August 2009. 14. The organization will be solely responsible for transfer from Guarulhos International Airport to Sao Paulo S o Louren o, and vice versa. 15. The transport will facilitate the organization is available to teachers, students and choristers Seminar participants at the International Airport Guarulhos in S o Paulo on Sunday 23 August to the city of S o Loure o at 2:00 pm., Without delay.