The First Step To Perfect Skin

Today's modern woman is no easy task: on one hand – it should not be inferior to men, but on the other – it simply has to look your best – feminine, gentle, well-groomed. To help her come to the old "Grandma" methods, and modern medicine. Important role in modern guise women played a smooth, well-groomed skin, and therefore beauticians all over the world one of the most popular procedures are called the removal of unwanted hair on the body. Which way to solve this problem, to solve us women, but to make the right decision for themselves should have some knowledge in this area. So, first of all, one has to distinguish concepts as hair removal and hair removal. Waxing – a procedure where hair removal is performed without destroying the hair follicle. This is a temporary measure, the hair will grow again and again, but there are also pluses: it fit "Grandma" methods such as honey or sugar waxing, pulling, shaving, depilatory chemicals, etc., it is always cheaper.

After the procedure, there may be some skin irritation, most importantly, care must be taken to avoid allergies. Purpose hair removal – the removal of excessive hair growth by destroying the hair follicle. It's expensive, but effective. Epilation is: – electrolysis – one of the fastest and most effective ways hair removal, but it should be careful – if lack of professionalism a doctor or if you do not carry out his instructions before and after the procedure – is fraught with inflammation, scars, spots on the skin – Supersonic soundings – the skin surface is treated with special compounds, molecules and ions that with the help of ultrasound treatment delivered later in the deep dermal layers and slow down hair growth – enzymatic – in the method is based on the use of drugs including enzymes (papain, trypsin, chemotripsin), which affect hair follicular unit, destroying it – light hair removal (photo-epilation) is made sources of light radiation of high power (Lasers, flash lamp). The hair follicle is destroyed by heat, which produces light absorbed by melanin of hair. As you can see, today there is a wide range of procedures that help we get rid of unwanted body hair, as a first step toward soft, smooth skin.