Tofu and Spinach

In another panelafrite the garlic in the oil until dourar and after that places the onion and leaves refogarat to amolecer, in the sequence adds the carrot and chuchu and continues refogandoat to be a little soft, in this point joins the eggplant, the pea and opimento, puts a little of salt and more continues refogando per 4 minutes. Agorajunte this fried sauce to the beans and places the meat of soy (prepared), the chive, salsinha, the parrot and makes right the point of the salt. It cooks (without pressure) more 20 minutes or until the beans to be soft and the broth to thicken. To make a lentil hamburger Ingredients: 2 xc. of drained lentil cozida, kneading, 1 xc. Of crumbs of integral bread, 1/2 xc. Of embryo of wheat, salt August, 1/2 ralada onion, flour of wheat, oil.

Way to make: It mixes the first cincoingredientes. The internet, too, lengthens our reach and breaks down geographical boundaries by connecting us to the rest of the world. cialis in the uk In buy super viagra addition, the formula also helps sterilize fungal and bacterial infections. Kamagra, which has proved as the most effective benefits, that kamagra provides during the treatment. levitra 40 mg view that This positivity has cialis lowest prices made kamagra tablets trustworthy for all people of all ages. Pass in the wheat flour and fries beefburgers. To make a vegetarian hamburger Ingredients: 2 xcaras of glten worn out (carnevegetal), 2 xcaras of soy meat, (of the small one) left of gravy in guatemperada with garlic and salt, 4 spoons of flour soup of wheat, 2 xcaras deaveia, 2 picadinhos tomatoes without skin, 3 teeth of garlic, 1 onion picadinha, 4colheres of soup of salsinha or green chive, 1 spoon of organo tea, salt the taste. Way to make: Ata very mixes everything well with the hands mass if to become homogeneous. It shapes hamburgers and it has taken them to bake emforno moderate until being sequinhos. It makes a gravy of its preference to paraservir. Spinach and Tofu Lasagna Ingredients: 1 integral package of 250g of lasanha oucomum, 1 litrode gravy of tomatoe for pasta If to use ready gravy, dilutes with one xcara emeia of water. The gravy must be liquid to cook lasanha. Filling: 400g of tofu (soy cheese), 300g deespinafre, stew and perforated, 1 spoon of organo tea of dry, 1/2 spoon of chde dry basil, 1/8 spoon of tea (1 pitada) of garlic in dust.