Nuclear Medicine PET-CT

Nuclear Medicine PET-CT image of bone scan image of Nuclear Medicine is a specialty of medicine. Used in nuclear medicine radiotracers or radiopharmaceuticals, which are formed by a drug carrier and a radioactive isotope. These radiopharmaceuticals are applied within the human body in various ways (the most used is the IV). Once the radiopharmaceutical is within the body, is distributed by various bodies depending on the type of radiopharmaceutical used. The distribution of radiopharmaceutical detected by a device called a radiation detector (gamma camera) and stored digitally. Then information is processed for imaging of the body or organ being studied. These images, unlike most of those obtained in radiology, are functional and molecular imaging, ie show how well the organs and tissues show explored or alteration of a molecular level.In general, nuclear medicine scans are not invasive and have no adverse effects.