Defamation and Procter

Defamation and Procter Gamble in October 1995 the 2001 was immersed daily in an uproar when he reported that Crest toothpaste, the company Procter Gamble, cancer originated, Bible-based Consumer Insurance (The Safe Shopper‘s Bible) United States. On October 1, 1995 is published on page 20 of the newspaper a notice alleging the following: The Consumer Bible published in U.S. says ‘The Crest toothpaste is carcinogenic’ … ‘The use of Crest toothpaste causes cancer’ … ‘Use the Crest toothpaste destroys the teeth and causes cancer’ … Procter Gamble Inc.. Crest toothpaste manufactured product injurious to health. “That same day the orial was read as follows:” toothpaste “Crest causes cancer. In the United States has been scientifically proven that the cream ‘Crest’ is carcinogenic, causes cancer to those who use …”.”… No doubt this imperialist enterprise, the ‘Procter Gamble’ wants cancer infecting the people of Venezuela with its proven harmful products, so this newspaper responsibly to alert consumers of those products so that rejected, the same way we call the attention of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare to act forcefully in the confiscation of the toothpaste “Crest of the mortal danger posed to the Venezuelans. As a spokesperson to all the people and service U.S. Silagra Tablets Manufactured by Cipla Pharmaceuticals, silagra tablets provide a healthy sexual life. levitra online sales Apart from low prices, there are additional benefits in using this kind of pharmacy for for the purchase price, usage or secondary effects that Continue to drugshop buy cheap viagra. They are accessible, affordable, extremely effectively stimulate muscle growth and relatively safe (though they may have serious side effects. order cialis tadalafil generic 20mg Fruits and vegetables are good sources of antioxidants. interests will not allow the imperialist enterprise ‘Procter Gamble’ inundate us and kill us with cancer. These other complaints followed in 2001 and published in the newspaper in Meridian and Grand Class and Beauty magazine, all of Block Dearmas.All these allegations caused great commotion in public opinion and affect the image of the Procter Gamble, however it was found that they were unjustified and untrue, because in the Bible Consumer Insurance (The Safe Shopper’s Bible) was placed at Crest toothpaste as a product of careful about that might be carcinogenic, but at no time stated that it was. That’s how Procter Gamble Company to sue the director of 2001 by then was the lawyer John Simon Gandica for defamation, while the National Association of Journalists issued the following statement rejecting what happened: “THE NATIONAL COLLEGE JOURNALISTS CAMPAIGN TO BLOCK WEAPONS. The National Association of Journalists expressed its concern and opposition to the smear campaign that undertakes Block Arms for weeks, through their daily Meridiano and 2001, which is emit concepts and serious offensive against the reputation of individuals, companies and consumer products.Full pages are published daily against Procter Gamble de Venezuela and its Crest brand, in an obvious attempt to discr this product to the consumer. The NPC believes that the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare should rule on the allegations made by the Bloque De Armas in the sense that fluoride toothpastes cause cancer, since it is the body that granted permission for medical Crest after practice trials and tests for …”. “… The group’s commercial interests and Block Arms and understood war against Procter Gamble should not engage the audience. The citizens expect of the media exemplary ethical conduct, based in respect for individuals and impartial treatment of information and reject any manipulation campaign aimed at confusing the public and discr honorable people and institutions. Caracas, November 2, 1995. It’s True: Eduardo Orozco Chairman of the NPC. “